Bahrain Vs Japan Prediction, Preview, Odds, Betting Tips | AFC Asian Cup

Bahrain Vs Japan Prediction, Preview, And Betting Tips | January 31, 2024

AFC Asian Cup today’s football match Bahrain Vs Japan Prediction? Today’s match is between Bahrain and Ivory Coast. Both teams will face each other at the AFC Asian Cup Today Match on January 31, 2024, at Al Thumama Stadium (Doha).

Bahrain vs Japan prediction

The stage is set for a thrilling encounter between Bahrain and Japan in the AFC Asian Cup. While the Samurai Blue are the favorites, the Falcons are ready to soar and defy expectations.

Japan on the offensive:

  • Dominant force: Ranked 24th in the world, Japan possesses immense technical skill and tactical awareness. Their attacking prowess was on display in the group stage, with eight goals scored – the joint tournament record.
  • Experienced Veterans: Led by Maya Yoshida and Shogo Taniguchi, Japan has a core of seasoned players who have thrived on the big stage. Their composure and leadership could be invaluable under pressure.
  • Aggressive Pressing: Expect Japan to implement their high pressing style, disrupting Bahrain’s build-up play and forcing turnovers. This strategy can quickly turn defense into offense, creating dangerous scoring opportunities.

Bahrain’s resilience:

  • Home field advantage: Playing in front of a passionate crowd will undoubtedly inject a powerful boost of energy into the Bahraini players. The electrifying atmosphere could be a game-changer.
  • Defensive solidity: Bahrain’s backline has shown remarkable determination in recent matches, conceding just one goal in their last two wins. Their organized defensive form could thwart the Japanese attack.
  • Threat of counterattack: Bahrain should not be underestimated. Their speedy wingers and opportunistic attackers can exploit any gaps left by Japan’s aggressive pressing, potentially leading to quick counterattacks.


Although Japan is undeniably the stronger team on paper, Bahrain’s home advantage, defensive solidity and counter-attacking potential cannot be ignored. Expect a hotly contested match, with Japan likely looking to claim victory, but Bahrain refusing to go down without a fight. A final score of 2-1 against Japan seems like a plausible outcome, but an upset of Bahrain wouldn’t be entirely out of reach.

Ultimately, the outcome depends on:

  • Japan’s ability to break Bahrain’s stubborn defense.
  • Bahrain’s efficiency in converting their limited chances.

The electrifying atmosphere in the stadium, which could tip the scales in favor of both teams.

Bahrain vs Japan odds & betting tips

Bahrain’s upcoming AFC Asian Cup clash with Japan is heating up and the betting scene is abuzz with anticipation. Here’s a look at the odds and some potential betting tips to consider:


  • Japan Win: Heavily favored, with odds ranging from 1.20 to 1.25 on most major platforms.
  • Bahrain victory: Much less likely, with odds fluctuating between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
  • Drawing: an outside chance, with odds around 6:00 to 7:00.

Betting Tips:

  • Safe bet: aim for a victory for Japan. The Samurai Blue are the clear favorites in terms of talent, form and historic performances against Bahrain.
  • High risk, high reward: If you’re feeling adventurous, a small bet on a win in Bahrain could pay off big. Their recent victories could cause an upset.
  • Alternative options: Consider betting on Japan to win, but with fewer than 2.5 goals scored. Their defense has been solid and Bahrain will likely focus on containing them.

Additional points:

  • The record of the confrontations is largely in favor of Japan, with nine victories out of 12 previous meetings.
  • Japan has a more powerful attack, scoring eight goals in the group stage to Bahrain’s two.
  • Bahrain go into the match with newfound confidence after back-to-back wins, but their opponents are of a different class.

Bahrain vs. Japan Match Facts

  • League: AFC Asian Cup
  • MATCH: Bahrain vs. Ivory Coast
  • DATE: 31 January 2024
  • VENUE: Al Thumama Stadium (Doha)
  • TIME: 03:30 (UK)

Possible starting lineups For Both Teams

Bahrain possible starting lineup:

Lutfalla; Adel, Baqer, Al Hayam, Ali; Al-Shaikh, Al-Wali; Madan, Al-Aswad, Marhoon; Yusuf Helal

Japan possible starting lineup:

Suzuki; Sugawara, Itakura, Tomiyasu, H. Ito; Endo, Morita; J. Ito, Kubo, Minamino; Ueda

Bahrain vs. Japan Preview

The sands of the AFC Asian Cup are shifting and a desert storm is brewing as Bahrain prepare to face mighty Japan in the quarter-finals. While the Samurai Blue are the heavy favorites, the fiery Falcons refuse to be mere footnotes in this epic clash.

Japan: a juggernaut is unleashed

  • Technical Titans: Ranked 24th in the world, Japan’s technical prowess is a spectacle not to be missed. Their intricate passing patterns and lightning-fast movements cut through defenses like a katana slicing through silk.
  • Attacking Arsenal: With eight goals in the group stage – the joint tournament record – Japan’s offensive unit is a force to be reckoned with. Kyogo Furuhashi’s predatory instincts and Takumi Minamino’s silky skills are a nightmare for any backline.
  • Experienced Pillars: Seasoned veterans like Maya Yoshida and Shogo Taniguchi provide a foundation of composure and leadership. Their presence on the pitch inspires confidence and allows the Samurai Blue to remain anchored in the whirlwind of the round of 16.

Bahrain: a wind of challenge in the desert

  • Home advantage: The roar of their passionate home crowd will be that of Bahrain’s 12th man. The electrifying atmosphere at the National Stadium could turn the tide in a close encounter.
  • Defensive Wall: Bahrain’s defense has been a revelation in the tournament, conceding just one goal in its last two wins. Their organized defensive shape and resolute tackling thwarted even the most powerful attacks.
  • Counterpunching Falcons: Don’t be fooled by Bahrain’s underdog status. Their speedy wingers and opportunistic attackers can exploit any gaps left by Japan’s aggressive pressing, turning defense into lightning-fast counterattacks.

Whatever the outcome, this clash promises to be a spectacle. So buckle up, grab your popcorn, and prepare to witness a desert storm of football artistry and steely determination!

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When does Bahrain vs Japan kick off?

31 January 2024 at 03:30 (UK)

Where is Bahrain vs. Japan being played?

Al Thumama Stadium (Doha)

Where can I get tickets for Bahrain vs. Ivory Coast?

Tickets are available on the Home Side Club website.

What time does the Bahrain vs. Japan match start?

03:30 (UK)

Which team will hit more goals in the Bahrain vs. Japan match?

Japan will post more Goals in this match.

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