Dominican Republic vs Aruba prediction, odds & betting tips, lineups, Preview

Dominican Republic vs Aruba prediction, odds & betting tips, lineups, Preview

Are you looking for today’s football match Dominican Republic vs Aruba prediction? Today’s Match of International Friendly Match is Dominican Republic and Aruba. Both teams will face each other at the International Friendly Match Today Match on March 23, 2024, at Cibao Stadium

Dominican Republic vs Aruba prediction

The Dominican Republic is expected to comfortably win this international friendly against Aruba on March 23rd, 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the factors to consider:

  • Dominican Republic’s Superiority: The Dominican Republic boasts a higher FIFA ranking and a stronger squad on paper.
  • Dominican Republic’s Recent Form: Their recent performances have been positive (assuming positive results). Analyze their recent matches to understand their current form.
  • Aruba’s Struggles: Aruba has shown inconsistency and struggles to score goals (analyze recent form).

Reasons Why Dominican Republic Will Likely Win:

  • Strong Squad: The Dominican Republic possesses a talented squad with players like Junior Matías and Mariano Díaz.
  • Home Advantage: Playing at home with their fans behind them can be a significant boost for the Dominican Republic.
  • Motivation to Impress: With crucial fixtures on the horizon, the Dominican Republic will be motivated to put in a strong performance.

Dominican Republic vs Aruba odds & betting tips

Dominican Republic Dominates Odds

  • Bookmakers will heavily favor the Dominican Republic due to their superior FIFA ranking, recent form (assuming positive results), and home advantage.
  • The odds for an Aruba win will be very high, reflecting their underdog status.
  • A draw is also a possibility, but the odds will likely be less attractive compared to a Dominican Republic victory.

Betting Tips:

  • Match Winner: Betting on the Dominican Republic to win is a safe choice due to the significant gap in quality, but it might not offer high returns.
  • Alternative Bets:
    • Handicap Betting: This allows you to bet on the Dominican Republic winning by a margin of goals (e.g., Dominican Republic -2 Goals). Consider the Dominican Republic’s recent goal-scoring form to make an informed decision.
    • Total Goals Over/Under: Analyze both teams’ recent goal-scoring form to see if a high-scoring or low-scoring match is more likely. Aruba’s struggles to score goals might make the Under a more attractive option.
    • Clean Sheet: You can wager on whether the Dominican Republic or Aruba will keep a clean sheet. The Dominican Republic’s strong home advantage and potential for a dominant win make them favorites for a clean sheet, but the odds will likely reflect this.

Dominican Republic vs Aruba Match Facts

  • League: International Friendly Match
  • MATCH: Dominican Republic vs Aruba
  • DATE: 23 March, 2024
  • VENUE:Stade Père Jégo Stadium
  • TIME: 22:00(UK)

Dominican Republic vs Aruba Possible starting lineups For Both Teams

Dominican Republic:

  • Goalkeeper: Miguel Lloyd (Atlético Pantoja): Dominican Republic’s first-choice goalkeeper with a reputation for excellent shot-stopping and leadership (assuming his fitness).
  • Defenders:
    • Félix Báez (CIPAT): Attacking right-back with good pace and overlapping runs.
    • Adrian Cataño (Club Atlético Banfield): Strong and composed center-back, a leader in the Dominican defense.
    • Francisco Calvo (Deportivo Saprissa): Composed and reliable center-back, partnering with Cataño.
    • Juan Ángeles (Club Always Ready): Dependable left-back with good positioning and tackling abilities.
  • Midfielders:
    • Jean Carlos López (Club Bolívar): Technically gifted and creative midfielder, responsible for distributing the ball and creating goal-scoring opportunities.
    • Erick Francisco (Club Atlético Pantoja): Defensive midfielder with strong tackling abilities, shielding the backline.
    • Rafael De La Cruz (Delfines del Este FC): Energetic and box-to-box midfielder, contributing to both attack and defense.
  • Forwards:
    • Marco Delgado (Seattle Sounders FC): Winger with good pace, dribbling skills, and a dangerous left foot.
    • Mariano Díaz (Real Madrid): Experienced and clinical striker, a threat in the air and dangerous with his feet.
    • Junior Matías (CA Independiente): Winger with good pace, dribbling skills, and creativity on the right flank.


  • Goalkeeper: Jairzinho Pieter (SV Deportivo Nacional): Aruba’s experienced goalkeeper, known for his shot-stopping reflexes.
  • Defenders:
    • Dangelo Moreno (SV Racing Club Aruba): Strong and dependable right wing-back.
    • Shanon Carmona (SV Estrella): Composed and reliable center-back, a leader in the Aruban defense.
    • Juriën Maduro (SV Dakota): Strong and physical center-back, partnering with Carmona.
    • Jean-Marc Ras (Arubaanse Voetbal Bond): Composed and experienced center-back.
    • Ryan Adelaar (SV Deportivo Nacional): Dependable left wing-back, with good positioning and tackling abilities.
  • Midfielders:
    • Brandon Semeleer (SV Britannia): Defensive midfielder with strong tackling abilities, shielding the backline.
    • Joshua John (SV Dakota): Creative playmaker with an eye for goal, operating behind the striker.
    • Jurens Maduro (SV Centro Deportivo Aruba): Energetic and box-to-box midfielder, contributing to both attack and defense.
    • Enrico Croes (SV Deportivo Nacional): Winger with good dribbling skills and creativity on the right flank.
  • Forward:
    • Terence Groothusen (C.F. União): Aruba’s most dangerous attacker, known for his pace, dribbling skills, and finishing ability.

Dominican Republic vs Aruba Preview

The Estadio Cibao in the Dominican Republic prepares to host an international friendly match between the Dominican Republic and Aruba on March 23rd, 2024. This match offers an opportunity for the Dominican Republic to showcase their talent and refine their tactics, while Aruba will be aiming to cause an upset and gain valuable experience.

Aruba, on the other hand, will be aiming to address any shortcomings in their recent outings (analyze their recent form). They might adopt a defensive strategy to frustrate the Dominican Republic and rely on counter-attacks with their pacey wingers. This friendly provides Aruba with a platform to experiment with tactics, integrate new players, and test their mettle against a higher-ranked opponent.

Looking at FIFA rankings and recent form, the Dominican Republic is the clear favorite (assuming positive results). Their attacking firepower and home advantage make them a force to be reckoned with. However, Aruba should not be underestimated. Their defensive resilience and potential for counter-attacks could pose a threat to the Dominican Republic if they are not careful.

The Dominican Republic will be the favorites to dominate possession and create more scoring opportunities. However, Aruba’s defensive strategy and counter-attacking threats could make for an intriguing contest. The passionate home crowd will surely add another layer of excitement to this friendly encounter.

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When does Dominican Republic vs Aruba kick off?

21th March 2024 at 22:00 (UK)

Where is Dominican Republic vs. Aruba being played?

Mardan Sports Complex Stadium Stadium

Where can I get tickets for Dominican Republic vs. Aruba?

Tickets are available on the Home Side Club website.

What time does the Dominican Republic vs. Aruba match start?

22:00 (UK)

Which team will hit more goals in the Dominican Republic vs. Aruba match?

Benin will post more Goals in this match.

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