Guinea Vs Senegal Prediction, Preview, And Betting Tips | January 23, 2024

Guinea Vs Senegal Prediction, Preview, And Betting Tips | January 23, 2024

Are you looking for today’s football match Guinea Vs Senegal Prediction? Today’s match is between Guinea and Ipswich Town F.C. Both teams will face each other at the Africa Cup of Nations Round 3 Today Match on January 23, 2024, at Charles Konan Banny Stadium (Yamoussoukro).

Guinea vs Senegal prediction

Battle lines are being drawn as tension boils over for the long-awaited clash between Guinea and Senegal in the African Cup of Nations! While the match won’t take place until today, October 24, 2023, let’s take a look into the future and predict what could happen:

Senegal’s star power shines:

Senegal, the defending champions, are a big favorite for a reason. Their squad has world-class talents such as the dazzling Sadio Mané, a magician with the ball at his feet. Expect him to be a constant threat, cutting through defenders and creating scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. Senegal’s general midfielder Idrissa Gueye will provide a solid foundation, dictating the pace and eliminating any danger. With their offensive prowess and defensive stability, Senegal are primed to dominate possession and control the game.
Guinea’s brave resilience:

However, Guinea should not be underestimated. Playing at home will energize them and they will be eager to prove the doubters wrong. Their captain, Ibrahima Traoré, is a symbol of their fighting spirit and leads by example with his tireless work ethic and commanding presence. Syli National also have fast wingers like François Kamano, who can exploit any gap in the Senegalese defense with their lightning-fast runs. If they can take advantage of these opportunities and thwart Senegal’s attack, Guinea could pull off a stunning upset.


While Senegal is the most likely victor, Guinea’s home-field advantage and fighting spirit should not be ignored. Expect a close match with few clear opportunities. Senegal’s superior talent could eventually shine, but Guinea will make them sweat on every inch of the field.

Final result: Senegal 2-1 Guinea

Remember, this is just a prediction and anything can happen in the heat of the moment. So sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show as these two West African nations battle it out for continental glory.

Guinea vs Senegal odds & betting tips

Guinea vs Senegal Betting Odds and Tips (As of Tuesday, October 24, 2023)
The much-anticipated clash between Guinea and Senegal in the African Cup of Nations is just around the corner and bettors are gearing up for an exciting match. Here’s a breakdown of the odds and some betting tips to help you make informed decisions:

Match Winner Odds:

  • Senegal: Big favorites to win by 1.50 (3/2). They are the current champions and have a top team with world-class talent like Sadio Mane. Guinea: not favorites but not out of competition at 6:00 (5/1). They have shown flashes of brilliance in the tournament and will be motivated to overcome the odds at home.
  • Draw: A cautious result is quoted at 4.20 (16/5). Both teams have strong defenses and a draw would not be a surprise.

Other interesting odds:

  • Both teams will score: Yes it is at 2.10 (11/10), No it is at 1.80 (9/5). Recent matches have seen few goals, but with both teams needing something from the game, goals could be on the line.
  • More than 2.5 goals: Yes it is at 2.20 (11/5), No it is at 1.70 (9/5). As above, the result is slightly unpredictable.
  • Correct score: 1-0 Senegal is at 6.50 (5/1), 1-1 draw is at 7.00 (6/1), 2-1 Senegal is at 8.00 (7/1). These are just a few examples, with various scores offered by bookmakers.

Betting Tips:

  • Senegal is the safest bet, but the odds offer little value. Consider alternative bets such as Senegal winning and both teams scoring, or a specific goalscorer like Mane.
  • Guinea’s home advantage could be a factor. If you think they can pull off an upset, a small bet on them to win or draw could be rewarding.
  • Don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best odds. Different bookmakers offer slightly different prices, so compare before placing your bet.

Remember, gambling should be fun. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose and enjoy the game regardless of the outcome.
Ultimately, the choice is yours. Do your research, analyze the teams and the context, and place your bets responsibly. Enjoy the game!

Disclaimer: Please note that gambling can be addictive and risky. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, seek help from a gambling support organization.

Guinea vs. Senegal Match Facts

Possible starting lineups For Both Teams

Guinea possible starting lineup:

Kone; Conte, Diakhaby, Jeanvier, Sylla; Moriba, Konate; Kamano, Camara, Kante; Bayo

Senegal possible starting lineup:

Mendy; Jakobs, Koulibaly, Niakhate, Diatta; Gueye, A. Diallo, Ciss; Mane, Jackson, Ndiaye

Guinea vs. Senegal Preview

The stage is set for a captivating clash at the Africa Cup of Nations when Guinea and Senegal meet! While the actual match may have already occurred on October 24, 2023, the excitement is still alive. Let’s rewind and relive the pre-match rumors surrounding this electrifying encounter:
Senegal: very successful favorites

Image by Idrissa Gueye, Senegal FußballspielerOpens in a new window

Reigning champions Senegal came into the match as a heavyweight and his team was shining with world-class talent. The mere presence of the fascinating Sadio Mané, a true magician with the ball at his feet, sent shivers down the spines of defenders. His ability to get around his opponents and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates struck fear into the Guinean defense.

Idrissa Gueye, the metronome of the midfield, promised to be a rock in the Senegalese engine, dictating the rhythm and extinguishing any danger that dared to arise. With their offensive prowess and defensive solidity, Senegal looked poised to dominate possession and control the narrative of the game.

Guinea: the helpless with mordant

However, considering Guinea as mere spectators would be a serious mistake. Playing at home ignited a burning passion within them, a burning desire to prove the doubters wrong. His captain, Ibrahima Traoré, embodied this fighting spirit and set an example with her tireless work ethic and his commanding presence on the field. Guinea also had pacy wingers like François Kamano, capable of exploiting any chinks in the Senegalese armor with their electrifying runs. If they could take advantage of these opportunities and thwart Senegal’s attack, Guinea could pull off a monumental upset, etching their names in the tournament’s folklore.

A combination of courage and grace:

The pre-match atmosphere crackled with anticipation. It was a clash of styles: the elegant dominance of Senegal versus the brave resistance of Guinea. Everyone knew it wouldn’t be a one-sided affair; A close battle with few clear opportunities was looming on the horizon.
And so the whistle blew and the drama unfolded…

Remember, this is just a glimpse of what could have been. The actual result may have been different, but the essence of the pre-match excitement remains. So let your imagination run wild, replay the scenarios in your mind and savor the exciting memories of this epic encounter between Guinea and Senegal.

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When does Guinea vs Senegal kick off?

23 January 2024 at 09:00 (UK)

Where is Guinea vs. Senegal being played?

Charles Konan Banny Stadium (Yamoussoukro)

Where can I get tickets for Guinea vs. Ipswich Town F.C?

Tickets are available on the Home Side Club website.

What time does the Guinea vs. Senegal match start?

09:00 (UK)

Which team will hit more goals in the Guinea vs. Senegal match?

Senegal will post more Goals in this match.

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