Lionel Messi Out of Argentina’s US Friendlies Due to Hamstring Injury

Lionel Messi Out of Argentina's US Friendlies Due to Hamstring Injury

Lionel Messi has been ruled out of Argentina’s upcoming friendly matches against El Salvador and Costa Rica in the United States due to a hamstring injury. The Argentina Football Association (AFA) released an official statement regarding Messi’s condition, confirming his absence from the national team duties.

Nature of Injury

Messi’s hamstring injury, sustained during a match against Nashville SC, has sidelined him from participating in the friendly fixtures. The decision to withdraw Messi from the squad was made by both his club, Inter Miami, and the Argentina Football Association to avoid any risks to his health.

Impact on Matches

As a result of Messi’s absence, Argentina will miss his presence in the friendlies against El Salvador in Philadelphia and Costa Rica in Los Angeles. These matches were intended as warm-ups for the Copa America tournament scheduled for June-July, which will also be held in the United States.

Club Matches Affected

Messi’s injury also caused him to miss Inter Miami’s recent MLS match against DC United, further highlighting the significance of his absence from both club and national team duties.

Official Statement

The Argentine federation confirmed Messi’s absence through a statement on social media, emphasizing the importance of his recovery and the decision to prioritize his health over participating in the upcoming friendlies.

Precautionary Measure

Both Inter Miami and the Argentina Football Association have opted to prioritize Messi’s well-being by opting him out of the friendlies, reflecting their commitment to managing his injury cautiously.

Copa America Preparation

Despite missing the friendlies, Messi’s focus remains on his recovery and preparation for the Copa America tournament, where Argentina aims to perform strongly on the international stage.

Support and Wishes

Fans and supporters express their understanding of Messi’s absence and extend their wishes for his speedy recovery, hoping to see him back in action soon for both club and country.


What is the nature of Lionel Messi’s injury?

Lionel Messi has sustained a hamstring injury, which has led to his official exclusion from Argentina’s friendly matches against El Salvador and Costa Rica in the United States.

Will Messi’s absence impact Argentina’s preparations for the Copa America tournament?

While Messi’s absence from the friendlies may disrupt Argentina’s preparations to some extent, the decision to prioritize his recovery reflects the importance of ensuring his fitness for the Copa America tournament in June-July.

When can we expect Lionel Messi to return to action for both club and country?

The timeline for Messi’s return to action depends on the severity of his hamstring injury and his recovery progress. Fans and supporters eagerly await updates on his condition and hope for his speedy return to the field.

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