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Are you looking for today’s football match Niger vs Togo prediction? Today’s Match of World Friendly Match is Niger and Togo. Both teams will face each other at the World Friendly Match Today Match on March 22, 2024, at Stade El Bachir, Mohammédia

Niger vs Togo prediction

Predicting the outcome of the Niger vs Togo friendly on March 23rd, 2024 is challenging due to the nature of friendlies. Here’s a breakdown to help you form your own prediction:

Factors to Consider:

  • Home Advantage: Niger will be playing at home, which can provide a psychological boost and potentially enhance their performance.
  • Recent Form: Analyze recent matches for both teams. Is Niger on a winning streak, or has Togo shown signs of improvement?
  • Tactical Approach: How will each team approach the game? Will Niger be aggressive at home, or will Togo adopt a more cautious strategy?
  • Motivation: While both teams will be looking to improve, their overall motivation levels might differ compared to a competitive match.

Niger vs Togo odds & betting tips

Close Match Expected, Slight Favor for Niger

  • Bookmakers may offer slightly lower odds on a Niger victory due to:
    • Home advantage: Playing in familiar surroundings can boost morale and performance.
    • Recent form (if available): Analyze recent results for both teams to see if Niger has a slight edge.
  • The odds suggest a close match, with a potential upset on the cards.

Betting Tips:

  • Niger Wins: The safer option considering the home advantage
  • Draw: A riskier option, but potentially rewarding if both teams cancel each other out tactically.
  • Alternative Bets:
    • Total Goals Over/Under: Analyze both teams’ recent goal-scoring form to see if a high-scoring or low-scoring match is more likely.
    • Both Teams to Score: A possibility if both teams prioritize attacking play over defensive rigidity.


  • Injuries and suspensions can significantly impact the match. Stay updated on pre-match news.
  • Friendly matches can be unpredictable due to varying motivational levels.

Niger vs Togo Match Facts

  • League: World Friendly Match
  • MATCH: Niger vs Togo
  • DATE: 22 March 2024
  • VENUE:Stade Père Jégo Stadium
  • TIME: 22:00(UK)

Niger vs Togo Possible starting lineups For Both Teams


  • Goalkeeper: Mahamadou Djibo (Niger’s undisputed first-choice, known for his shot-stopping reflexes and command of the area)
  • Defenders:
    • Abdoulaye Boureima Katkore (Right-back): Dependable defender with good pace, providing width on the right flank.
    • Salifou Massoudi (Center-back): Experienced and strong defender, a leader in the Nigerien defense.
    • Souleymane Zakaria (Center-back – Option to rotate with another defender): Another option for central defense, offering experience alongside Massoudi.
    • Ismael Wakatte (Left-back): Attacking fullback with good overlapping runs and crossing ability.
  • Midfielders:
    • Karim Dermane (Central midfielder): Defensive midfielder with good tackling abilities, crucial for shielding the backline.
    • Roger Aholou (Central midfielder): Creative playmaker with an eye for goal, tasked with distributing the ball and creating opportunities.
    • Eloge Fessou Placca (Central midfielder – Option to rotate with another midfielder): Another option in central midfield, offering experience and versatility.
  • Forwards:
    • Moussa Konaté (Right-winger): Niger’s main creative outlet on the right, known for his pace, dribbling skills, and crossing ability.
    • Issahaku Lélé (Striker): Niger’s target man and top goalscorer, responsible for converting chances.
    • Victorien Adebayor (Left-winger): Speedy and skillful winger on the left, providing width and attacking threat.


  • Goalkeeper: Barcola Essozimna (Togo’s first-choice goalkeeper, known for his agility and reflexes)
  • Defenders:
    • Ouro-Sama Hakim (Right-back): Dependable defender with good pace and tackling abilities.
    • Djene Dakonam (Center-back): Experienced and strong defender, a leader in the Togolese defense.
    • Loïc Bessilé (Center-back): Another option for central defense, offering experience alongside Dakonam.
    • Adewale Adeluyi (Left-back): Attacking fullback with good overlapping runs and crossing ability.
  • Midfielders:
    • Mamadou Tchassobio (Central midfielder): Defensive midfielder with good tackling abilities, crucial for breaking up attacks.
    • Floyd Ayité (Central midfielder): Creative playmaker with an eye for goal, partnering Tchassobio and tasked with creating attacking opportunities.
    • Kodjo Fo-Doh Laba (Right midfielder): Winger providing width and attacking threat on the right flank.
    • David Adebayor (Left midfielder): Winger with good dribbling skills and crossing ability, providing width and attacking threat on the left flank.
  • Forwards:
    • Kodjo Fo-Doh Laba (Right-winger – Can also play in midfield): Flexible attacker who can play on the wing or in midfield, offering attacking options for the coach.
    • Klous Kelly (Striker): Togo’s target man and main goalscoring threat, responsible for converting chances.

Niger vs Togo Preview

An intriguing friendly encounter is set for March 23rd, 2024, as Niger squares off against Togo in Niamey. Both teams will be using this match as a stepping stone for future challenges, making it an exciting opportunity to see them in action.

Niger will be looking to sharpen their skills and build confidence ahead of upcoming matches. Analyzing their recent performances will be crucial to understand their tactical approach, attacking strategy, and defensive stability. The coach might use this friendly to experiment with tactics and integrate new players into the squad.

On the other hand, Togo will be aiming to achieve a cohesive performance after potentially inconsistent results. Studying their recent form will provide insights into their attacking threats and defensive strengths. This friendly presents an opportunity for the coach to refine their tactics and test their squad depth in a competitive environment.

The outcome of the match will likely hinge on how both teams approach the game. Will Niger adopt a possession-based approach, looking to dominate midfield and control the tempo? Or will they be more cautious due to facing a new opponent? How will Togo counter their tactics and create scoring opportunities? The team that demonstrates better tactical strategy, executes their game plan effectively, and capitalizes on their chances will have a higher chance of winning.

This match holds significance for both teams. Niger will view it as a chance to improve their form, build confidence, and potentially discover new talents within their squad. Togo will use it to test their tactics against a different opponent and refine their strategies for upcoming matches. The global footballing community will be watching with interest to see how this encounter unfolds in West Africa.

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When does Niger vs Togo kick off?

21th March 2024 at 22:00 (UK)

Where is Niger vs. Togo being played?

Mardan Sports Complex Stadium Stadium

Where can I get tickets for Niger vs. Togo?

Tickets are available on the Home Side Club website.

What time does the Niger vs. Togo match start?

22:00 (UK)

Which team will hit more goals in the Niger vs. Togo match?

Togo will post more Goals in this match.

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