Panama vs Mexico prediction, odds & betting tips, lineups, Preview

Panama vs Mexico prediction, odds & betting tips, lineups, Preview

Are you looking for today’s football match Panama vs Mexico prediction? Today’s Match of World Champion Qualifiers is Panama and Mexico. Both teams will face each other at the World Champion Qualifiers Today Match on March 22, 2024, at AT&T Stadium

Panama vs Mexico prediction

The CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers kick off on March 22nd, 2024, with Panama facing Mexico. Here’s a breakdown to assist your prediction:

Panama Favored for a Commanding Win

  • Panama holds a much higher FIFA ranking, making them clear favorites.
  • Panama boasts a more experienced squad with players competing in top leagues.
  • Despite the ranking difference, Mexico will be determined to cause an upset.

Prediction: A Comfortable Victory for Panama

Based on ranking and experience, Panama is expected to win comfortably. However, football can be unpredictable, and Mexico fighting spirit should not be entirely discounted.

  • Check if Panama has the home advantage, which can further boost their chances.
  • Analyze recent results to understand both teams’ current form and momentum.
  • Stay updated on pre-match news regarding player availability.

Panama vs Mexico odds & betting tips

Heavy Favorite Panama: Lopsided Odds Expected

  • Odds: Bookmakers will likely heavily favor Panama, reflected in low odds for a Panama victory.
  • High Win Margin for Panama: Consider a bet on Panama to win by a significant margin (e.g., Panama to win by 2 or more goals) for potentially better odds compared to a straight win.
  • Limited Data on Belize: The lack of readily available data on Belize’s recent form makes certain bets riskier.
  • Belize’s Upset Potential (low probability): While unlikely, an upset is not entirely out of the question.

Alternative Betting Options:

  • If you’re confident in a specific Panamanian player to score, a bet on them as an anytime goal scorer could be an option.
  • This is a safer option compared to a straight win bet, but the odds will likely be lower.

Panama vs Mexico Match Facts

  • League: World Champion Qualifiers
  • MATCH: Panama vs Mexico
  • DATE: 22 March 2024
  • VENUE: AT&T Stadium Stadium
  • TIME: 02:15(UK)

Panama vs Mexico Possible starting lineups For Both Teams


  • Goalkeeper: Guillermo Ochoa (Veteran goalkeeper with vast experience for club and country)
  • Defenders:
    • Harold Cummings (Right-back, dependable defender with good pace)
    • Roman Torres (Center-back, experienced leader of the Panamanian defense)
    • Fidel Escobar (Center-back, strong and composed at the back)
    • Luis Meeres (Left-back, known for his overlapping runs and crossing ability)
  • Midfielders:
    • Édgar Bárcenas (Right-winger, creative outlet with an eye for goal)
    • Aníbal Godoy (Central midfielder, energetic ball-winner and distributor)
    • Edson Álvarez (Central midfielder, creative playmaker with a knack for scoring)
  • Forwards:
    • Alberto Quintero (Left-winger, known for his dribbling skills and pace)
    • Rolando Blackburn (Striker, Panama’s target man)
    • José Luis Rodríguez (Striker, known for his finishing ability)


  • Goalkeeper: Mildred Araya
  • Defenders:
    • Ian Gaynair (Right-back, a dependable defender with good pace)
    • Aaron Lopez (Center-back, strong and composed defender)
    • Dalton Cayetano (Center-back, experienced leader of the Belizean defense)
    • Jeyson Montes (Left-back, known for his overlapping runs and crossing ability)
  • Midfielders:
    • Yhuran Eúan (Right-winger, Belize’s main creative outlet on the right)
    • Brandon Cawen (Central midfielder, energetic ball-winner and tackler)
    • Jesse Augusto (Central midfielder, playmaker with an eye for goal)
    • Belize Nunez (Left-winger, known for his dribbling skills and pace)
  • Forwards:
    • Deon McCaulay (Striker, Mexico target man)
    • Wardon Trapp (Striker, known for his pace and finishing ability)

Panama vs Mexico preview

The CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers kick off on March 22nd, 2024, with a clash between Panama and Belize. While this matchup promises a determined Belizean effort, Panama is expected to dominate based on experience and ranking.

Boasting a significantly higher FIFA ranking, Panama enters the contest as the clear favorite. Their squad is packed with experience, featuring players competing in top leagues around the world. Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa brings a wealth of experience, while attackers like Rolando Blackburn and Alberto Quintero pose a significant threat.

Despite the ranking disparity, Belize will be a team to watch. They shouldn’t be entirely written off. The underdog status can sometimes fuel a fighting spirit, and Belize will be determined to cause an upset against their regional rivals. If they can find a way to disrupt Panama’s rhythm and capitalize on any scoring opportunities, the match could become more interesting than anticipated.

While Panama holds the advantage in terms of skill and experience, football is a game where anything can happen. How Panama approaches the match will be crucial. Will they underestimate Belize and risk complacency, or will they come out strong and focused on securing a dominant win to set the tone for their qualifying campaign? Belize’s motivation will be a key factor. Can they maintain their fighting spirit throughout the match, or will the gulf in class eventually show?

This match might not be a nail-biter on paper, but it’s a significant one for both teams. Panama will look to make a strong statement in their qualifying journey, while Belize will be aiming to prove their doubters wrong. The CONCACAF region will be watching with anticipation to see how this encounter unfolds.

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When does Panama vs British Mexico kick off?

21th March 2024 at 02:15 (UK)

Where is Panama vs. British Mexico being played?

AT&T Stadium Stadium

Where can I get tickets for Panama vs. British Mexico?

Tickets are available on the Home Side Club website.

What time does the Panama vs. British Mexico match start?

02:15 (UK)

Which team will hit more goals in the Panama vs. British Mexico match?

British Mexico will post more Goals in this match.

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