Saudi Arabia Vs South Korea Prediction, Preview, Odds, Betting Tips | AFC Asian Cup

Saudi Arabia Vs South Korea Prediction, Preview, And Betting Tips | January 30, 2024

Today’s football match Saudi Arabia Vs South Korea Prediction? Today’s match is between Saudi Arabia and Ivory Coast. Both teams will face each other at the AFC Asian Cup Today Match on January 30, 2024, at Education City Stadium (Al Rayyan).

Saudi Arabia vs South Korea prediction

Tension crackles in the air as Saudi Arabia and South Korea prepare to face off in this pivotal AFC Asian Cup clash! Predicting this is tricky, but here’s what could happen:

South Korea, the slight favorite, is pushing hard to dominate. Their technical prowess and attacking power are undeniable, led by Son Heung-min’s magic in the final third. They will relentlessly probe the Saudi defense, looking to unlock space and create clear-cut opportunities.

But the resilience of the Green Falcons should not be underestimated. His compact defensive form and dogged determination are proving to be a tough nut to crack. Led by the astute Al-Owais in goal, they will frustrate South Korea’s attackers and launch quick counterattacks when opportunities arise.

The first half promises a fierce battle for midfield dominance. South Korea will want to dictate the pace with their intricate passing, while Saudi Arabia will rely on aggressive interceptions and quick transitions. Expect intense duels and sparks flying as neither team concedes an inch.

As the game progresses, South Korea could gradually tip the balance. Their superior technical quality and attacking depth could eventually wear down the Saudi defense. However, the Green Falcons are known for their late-game attacks, so don’t count them out until the final whistle.

Overall, it is shaping up to be a close and tense affair in which everything is at stake. South Korea may have the advantage on paper, but Saudi Arabia’s fighting spirit and tactical awareness should not be underestimated. A narrow victory for the Taegeuk Warriors wouldn’t be a surprise, but a late draw or even a surprising upset wouldn’t be out of the question either. Get ready for a rollercoaster of heart-stopping emotions, friends!

Remember, this is just a prediction. Anything can happen in this beautiful game! Buckle up and enjoy the show!

Saudi Arabia vs South Korea odds & betting tips

The stage is set for a thrilling clash tonight as Saudi Arabia takes on South Korea in a crucial AFC Asian Cup match! Here you will find all the information about the odds and some possible betting tips to keep in mind:


  • South Korea will win: favorite of most bookmakers with odds around 1.70 (although some go as high as 1.77). This translates to an implied chance of victory of ~58% for the Taegeuk Warriors.
  • Saudi Arabia will win: losers with odds ranging from 4.10 to 4.83. This suggests a lower probability of ~20-24% for the Green Falcons to take the win.

Draw: Not the most likely outcome, but worth considering at odds between 3.49 and 3.85. This implies a ~26-28% chance of the match ending in a stalemate.

Betting Tips:

  • South Korea will win: While favored, South Korea could face stiffer resistance than expected from a resilient Saudi defense. Consider a safer option: South Korea to win with both teams scoring (BTTS), which offers decent odds of around 2.80-3.00.
  • Saudi Arabia ties: Are you feeling adventurous? The Green Falcons have an impressive unbeaten streak. Betting on a Saudi Arabia draw (no bet), meaning your bet will be refunded if the match ends in a draw, could be a cheeky strategy with potential benefits.
  • Under 2.5 goals: Both teams are defensively disciplined, and recent games have seen a low frequency of goals. This makes under 2.5 goals a decent option at odds between 1.70 and 1.80.

Saudi Arabia vs. South Korea Match Facts

Possible starting lineups For Both Teams

Saudi Arabia possible starting lineup:

Al-Kassar; Al-Briek, Al-Tambakti, Lajami, Al-Bulaihi; Abdulhamid, Ali, Al-Malki, Ghareeb; S. Al-Dawsari, Al-Shehri

South Korea possible starting lineup:

Hyeon-woo; Young-woo, Seung-hyun, Min-jae, Jin-su; Kang-in, In-beom, Woo-yeong, Jae-sung; Gue-sung, Heung-min

Saudi Arabia vs. South Korea Preview

Tonight’s AFC Asian Cup match promises to be a spectacle as regional powers Saudi Arabia and South Korea face off in a battle for supremacy. Both teams arrive in great form, making this a clash of contrasting styles and burning ambition.

Saudi Arabia: Green falcons flying high

  • Unbeaten run: The Green Falcons are on an impressive eight-match unbeaten run in all competitions, demonstrating their newfound defensive solidity and tactical awareness.
  • Home advantage: Playing at home fuels the Saudi fire, with the passionate crowd at King Fahd International Stadium ready to roar their team to victory.

Disciplined Defense: Led by the ever-reliable goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais, the Saudi defense has conceded just one goal in their entire Asian Cup campaign so far.

South Korea: Taeguk warriors aim for crown

  • World-class talent: With stars like Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan, South Korea possesses an attacking arsenal capable of breaking through any defense.
  • Technically Superior: The Taeguk Warriors are famous for their intricate passing and positional play, aiming to dominate the midfield and dictate the pace of the game.
  • Hungry for success: After falling short in previous tournaments, South Korea comes into this match with a burning desire to lift the Asian Cup trophy for the first time since 2015.

A clash of styles and strategies

This match promises a fascinating game of tactical chess between two contrasting approaches. Saudi Arabia will likely rely on their defensive solidity and quick counterattacks, while South Korea will look to control possession and break down the Green Falcons’ resolute defense.

Key players to watch:

  • Mohammed Al-Owais (Saudi Arabia): The goalkeeper’s reflexes and leadership will be crucial to keeping the Green Falcons in the game.
  • Son Heung-min (South Korea): The Tottenham Hotspur star’s creativity and finishing touch could make the difference for the Taeguk Warriors.
  • Salem Al-Dawsari (Saudi Arabia): The veteran midfielder’s experience and composure will be vital in calming nerves and orchestrating attacks.
  • Kim Min-jae (South Korea): The Napoli defender’s aerial prowess and ball-playing ability will be key to South Korea’s defensive stability.

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When does Saudi Arabia vs South Korea kick-off?

30 January 2024 at 08:00 (UK)

Where is Saudi Arabia vs. South Korea being played?

Education City Stadium (Al Rayyan)

Where can I get tickets for Saudi Arabia vs. Ivory Coast?

Tickets are available on the Home Side Club website.

What time does Saudi Arabia vs. South Korea match start?

08:00 (UK)

Which team will hit more goals in the Saudi Arabia vs. South Korea match?

South Korea will post more Goals in this match.

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