Top 5 Reasons Manchester City is the Best Team in the Premier League

Top 5 Reasons Manchester City is the Best Team in the Premier League

The Premier League falls on the A-list of the English football league system. It is a highly competitive league featuring 20 teams striving since the 1995–1996 season to be the League Champions consistently. One of these clubs that has successfully established its supremacy is Manchester City.

Manchester City is one of the “Big Six” clubs with some of the most talented players in the English Premier League. The team is the current league champion. In fact, it has proven to be a dominant force through consistent league-winning runs in recent years. Why is Manchester City the best in the Premier League and the favourite of numerous punters? Let’s discuss this here.

Top Reasons for Manchester City’s Ranking in the Premier League 

Why is Manchester City the favourite for gamblers on Successful punters are known for their exceptional research skills. They understand that making a good selection is heavily determined by the time spent on research. From their research, many have discovered that Manchester City is a good bet in Premier League games. Below is what validates their claims.

  1. Strong team

The Premier League is highly competitive. Rising to the top can never be an accident. It will take a strong team to rise to the highest level, defeating other teams that passionately seek to be champions.

Manchester City is one of the strongest teams in the Premier League. It is the home of several talented players, including Julian Alvarez, Stefan Ortega, and Erling Haaland. Other players that make the team strong include Kyle Walker, João Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Kevin De Bruyne, Philip Walter Foden, and Bernardo Silva.

The strength of this squad is unmatched in England. For years, the team has built an incredible reputation for themselves via their counter-attacking and possessive style of play. To date, Man City has remained the hardest team in the Premier League, dominating even other big teams with top-rated players.

  1. Current success 

Manchester City are the reigning champions of the Premier League. For the second time in a row, they won the Premier League 2020/21 season with a 3-2 score in the final match with Aston Villa. 

In the 2021/2022 season, the team did their best to retain their championship title. Manchester City won the Premier League in the 2022-23 season with an unbelievable record of winning 28 out of 38 games.

  1. Sheikh Mansour

The owner of a team has a lot to do with how great the club will be. Manchester City is very lucky to have a wealthy and supportive owner (Sheikh Mansour), who has over $1 trillion in family wealth and over $17 billion in net worth.

Sheikh Mansour is a bright, rich club owner who puts in his resources to support and invest in the team. This makes Manchester City the best club in England, with the most significant investment and outstanding development.

  1. Pep Guardiola

Tell us the best team, and we will show you a great coach. Pep Guardiola has a proven record in the world of soccer. Having done incredibly well in Barcelona and Bayern Munich, he proceeded to Manchester City to show the world that he is the best. In the last ten years, Pep has consistently won trophies in every season.

As a great manager with a brilliant mind, he constantly pushes his players to be perfect. This act has been of help to any team he coaches. In just eight years, he has taken Man City to victory more than ten times. 

  1. Passionate Fanbase 

One thing every football team can underestimate is its fanbase. They know the importance of this factor, and they consistently use it to their advantage. Manchester City is a club that has large fans. 

Manchester City supporters and fans are called Etihad Club fans or Citizens. In England, they remain one of the most faithful, loyal, and passionate fanbases. 

Citizens are always there for Manchester City during their ups, downs, twists, and turns. This loyalty has greatly helped the club achieve impressive success in recent years. During the final home league match between Manchester City and Aston Villa, the fans demonstrated their massive support, leading to the triumphant performance.

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