How to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Italy

How to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Italy

There’s a lot of excitement around watching the Event and if you live in Italy and want to enjoy watching live streaming of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Here is a Guide on How to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 In Italy.

Where to watch the FIFA World Cup 2023 in Italy

As far as the FIFA broadcast in Italy is concerned, RAI TV holds the official rights to broadcast all 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2023.

Therefore, you can watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 on RAI TV in Italy, and you can also broadcast all Matches live on Fubo TV.

Watch FIFA World Cup on RAI TV

Radio Audizioni Italiane, is the state-owned company responsible for operating Italy’s public service broadcasters. It is based in Rome and is the largest broadcaster in Italy, reaching approximately 98% of the population.

FIFA World Cup 2022 on RAI Play
How to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Italy 3

Italian public broadcaster and has been around since 1924. It is so popular in Italy that it is on the air 24/7.

The channel is also available on satellite, Internet, and cable, as well as on mobile phones. RAI TV is known for its diverse programming, including news, sports, movies, documentaries, and more. RAI operates two television channels, RAI 1 and RAI 2, and five radio stations, Rai Radio 1, Rai Radio 2, Rai Radio 3, Rai Radio 4, and Rai Radio 5.

Being the largest broadcasting network in Italy, it has the official property to broadcast all the matches of the World Cup 2022. Therefore, you can watch the entire adventure live on the RAI television network. You can also watch the FIFA World Cup in Italy through their official website, and their app is also available on the Android and iOS app stores.

RAI operates five radio stations and two television channels.

  • RaiRadio 1.
  • RaiRadio 2.
  • RaiRadio 3.
  • RaiRadio 4.
  • RaiRadio 5
  • RAI 1
  • RAI 2


RAI, or Radiotelevisione Italiana, is the first public broadcaster of Italy, owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. It comprises major subscription television channels, streaming websites, and radio stations across Italy.

This state-owned Television network is highly known for exclusively covering all significant news, sports events, documentaries, plenty of entertainment programs, films, and many more.

Being the biggest broadcaster network, it will give full coverage for the upcoming FIFA tournament. So, if you are in Italy, you can enjoy the 64 matches of this mega sports event on your cable TV through the RAI channel.


RAI 1 is the liner TV network owned and operated by RAI TV. It has also brought exclusive rights for Qatar 2022. But 28 out of 64 matches will be aired on this TV channel, including the opening match and the Final.

You will get the rest of the match on RAI’s other terrestrial TV channels, RAI 2, RAI 3, and RAI Sport. Besides live matches, you will get complete games, highlights, and analyses through this channel.

RAI Sport

The government-owned RAI television network created the Italian sports television channel Rai Sport in 1999. On a DTT channel, it broadcasts coverage of Italian and international sporting events in Italy.

You can also get updates and watch live coverage of the FIFA world cup in Italy on Rai Sport with the best streaming services, just the way you want it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch RAI TV outside of Italy?

You can watch RAI tV outside of Italy by using a reliable VPN source.

What is the RAI app?

It is an application developed by the RAI TV network so that its viewers can also access its exclusive content on their smartphones.

Is RaiPlay free?

Yes, it is free to install. However, you have to register yourself using your email and password, which is also a free procedure. 

Is BBC iPlayer free in Italy?

No, if you are in Italian consumers must pay a monthly subscription cost of €6.99 or €49.99 per year to use BBC iPlayer.


This is all about How to watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 In Italy. FIFA will give you an exciting football environment with a world title. Therefore, all the fans in all corners of the world are delighted to watch the matches. You can use the above guide in the form of relevant information to watch the 2023 FIFA World Cup Final In Italy.

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