Who Has the Best Odds to Win the Premier League 2023/24?

Best Odds to Win the Premier League 2023/24

The latest iteration of the Premier League is in full swing. Fans are excited to see their favorite clubs go head to head, competing for one of the most prestigious trophies in the football world. Naturally, tensions are high, especially among bettors.

Already, plenty of punters have come to a conclusion about the club that will win the title. Indeed, many sportsbooks are already in agreement. There is no denying that the League and betting odds regarding it are a hot topic in the world of sports right now. 

Fans of the may wonder what the experts agree on. Just which club has the best odds for winning the 2023/24 Premier League? Let’s see which clubs have the best odds to win the title.  

Manchester City 

Manchester City are sort of the superstars of the Premier League right now. They’ve been the top club for three years in a row, and are currently holding on to the number one ranking in the league. Manchester City has a lot riding on being the ones to win the title in 2024. If they achieve their goal, they will have become the first English football club to win four League titles in a row. 

Currently, most of the online sports books that are dealing with Premier League betting odds have agreed that Manchester City are the most likely club to win the title. With Haaland and Alvarez on offense, Rodri on defense, and Ederson protecting the goal, the Sky Blues are certainly a force to be reckoned with.


Since the 2017/18 Premier League season, Manchester City have been dominating the Premier League. They’ve won five Premier League titles in the past six years, which understandably makes them the first choice for many bookies. In that time, only one club was able to break the Citizens’ streak.

In 2019/20, Liverpool managed to dethrone City, and take the number one spot in the Premier League. Since then, The Reds have managed to maintain a spot in the top 5, and for the most part, the top 3. In the current season, Liverpool is ranked second, behind Manchester City. 

Many believe that they have a chance to take over the number one spot. However, for the most part, the experts agree that it is Manchester City who will be taking home the trophy. Still, hope among Liverpool fans endures, and the Reds have certainly done a lot to impress in the past couple of years.


The Gunnars absolutely dominated the 2022/23 Premier League. In many people’s eyes, they were the absolute favorite to win that championship. For the most part, they held a clear advantage over Manchester City. However, it all changed in the second half of the competition, when Arsenal dropped the ball, and the Citizens managed to pick it up

The obvious blunders in the second half of the season led to quite a lot of disappointment in the Arsenal camp. However, they are back with a vengeance in the current season. For the most part, bookies are undecided in regards to Arsenal vs. Liverpool’s shots at taking the lead. However, if the expert oddmakers are to be trusted, City is going to get their name in the history books.

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