Macau National Football Team 2023/2024 Squad, Players, Stadium, Kits, and much more

Macau National Football Team Squad, Players, Stadium, Kits, and much more

The Macau national football team represents the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China in international football, and is controlled by the Macau Football Association. The team has not had much success on the international level and is considered a minnow.

They have never qualified for the FIFA World Cup and their best performance in the AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers was in the year of 2018, where they reached the first round.

Here this article, you will get to know about Macau National Football Team 2023/24 Players, Squad, History, Stadium, Nickname, Kits, and more.

Macau National Football Team Profile Summary

Nickname(s)Selecção do Lótus (The Lotus’ Team)
Verdes (The Greens)
AssociationAssociação de Futebol de Macau
ConfederationAFC (Asia)
Sub-confederationEAFF (East Asia)
Head coachLázaro Oliveira
CaptainLa Ka Seng
Most capsCheang Cheng Ieong (58)
Top scorerChan Kin Seng (17)
Home stadiumEstádio Campo Desportivo

About Macau National Football Team

The Macau national football team (Chinese: 澳門足球代表隊; Portuguese: Selecção Macaense de Futebol) represents the Chinese special administrative region of Macau in international association football. The team is supervised by the Macau Football Association (Chinese: 澳門足球總會; Portuguese: Associação de Futebol de Macau). Macau’s soccer team has a ranking that is one of the lowest among FIFA members. Although generally referred to simply as Macau, the EAFF refers to the team as Macau, China.

The national team has never qualified for the AFC Asian Cup or the EAFF East Asian Championship. The team qualified for the 2006 AFC Challenge Cup, where they recorded one draw and two losses.

Macau National Football Team 2023/2024 players Squad?

No.Pos.PlayerDate of birth (age)CapsGoalsClub
1GKHo Man Fai24-04-1993 (29)330Monte Carlo
22GKFong Chi Hang26-10-1989 (32)10Cheng Fung
23GKU Wai Chon19-03-1999 (23)00Development
2DFLei Ka Him16-08-1991 (31)261Chao Pak Kei
4DFKam Chi Hou04-04-1995 (27)100Chao Pak Kei
3DFLei Chi Kin24-10-1990 (31)120Benfica de Macau
5DFLam Ka Pou10-07-1985 (37)150Hang Sai
6DFNg Wa Seng02-08-1999 (23)100Central and Western
7DFChan Man04-10-1993 (28)242Benfica de Macau
8DFVernon Wong19-11-1989 (32)232Ka I
13DFFilipe Duarte30-03-1985 (37)93Benfica de Macau
16DFLam Ngai Tong13-01-1990 (32)50Happy Valley
19DFLei Ka Hou23-07-1989 (33)80Benfica de Macau
20DFHerculano Monteiro05-11-1983 (38)80Polícia
11MFLam Ka Seng28-05-1994 (28)213Chao Pak Kei
15MFCheong Hoi San28-06-1998 (24)100Benfica de Macau
17MFKong Cheng Hou02-08-1986 (36)390Ka I
18MFNg Wa Keng02-08-1999 (23)30Benfica de Macau
21MFPang Chi Hang03-11-1993 (28)220Chao Pak Kei
9FWHo Ka Seng21-10-1993 (28)30Chao Pak Kei
10FWNiki Torrão18-11-1987 (34)168Chao Pak Kei
12FWHo Man Hou05-11-1988 (33)195Chao Pak Kei
14FWLee Keng Pan28-02-1990 (32)120Benfica de Macau

Macau National Football Team Home Stadium

The Olympic Sports Center is the largest sports complex in Macau. It is better known as the Macau Olympic Complex Stadium, as it is the largest facility in the complex. The complex consists of a stadium – a grass field (105 x 68 m) surrounded by an 8-lane running track and a long jump zone, an indoor arena with a capacity of 900 spectators, a hockey center, a rink practice area and several tennis courts. In general, it is used above all for football and athletics matches.

Macau National Football Team

Macau National Football Team Kit

Macau National Football Team
Macau National Football Team 2023/2024 Squad, Players, Stadium, Kits, and much more 4

Macau National Football Team world rankings

Current187 (6 December 2023)
Highest156 (September 1997)
Lowest204 (July 2014)

Macau National Football Team trophies



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