Which Manchester United players Rank Among The Top 10 Of All Time?

Manchester United Football Club has a long and storied history, and over the years, many great players have donned a red shirts and represented the team. From legendary goalkeepers to prolific goal-scorers, Manchester United has had some of the greatest players to ever play the game of football.

United has been one of the most talked-about clubs in the world since winning their first league trophy in 1907, and its fans are among the greatest, frequently filling Old Trafford and every stadium they play in.

Here are a few of the top Manchester United players of all time:

Who are the top 10 Manchester United players of all time?

  • 10: Cristiano Ronaldo
  • 9: Wayne Rooney
  • 8: Roy Keane
  • 7: Wayne Rooney
  • 6: Ryan Giggs
  • 5: Eric Cantona
  • 4: Paul Scholes
  • 3: Denis Law
  • 2: Bobby Charlton
  • 1: David Beckham

10: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was at his best when he played for Real Madrid, so United fans didn’t get to see him at his best. However, it was during his time at Old Trafford that the Portuguese winger went from an inconsistent talent to a world-class superstar.

Between 2006 and 2009, when he was still in his early 20s, Ronaldo led Manchester United back to the top of English and European soccer. His best season was 2007/08 when he scored 42 goals in all competitions and won titles on both fronts.

And wouldn’t you know it, he’s back at age 36 for more. Who knows what will happen?

Major accomplishments include winning three Premier League titles, two FA Cups, two League Cups, the Champions League, the FIFA Club World Cup, the Ballon d’Or, two PFA Player of the Year awards, the Premier League Golden Boot, and the European Golden Shoe.

9: Wayne Rooney

Wayne Mark Rooney is an English professional footballer who plays for Manchester United and is the captain of both that team and the England team. A great player who is still going to do great things for United. Since he was 16, he has shown everyone that he is a great football player. He can pass, shoot, and head, and is quick and strong. He can also play in the middle of the field (center or wing). There are still a lot of records to beat.

He is a bit high on this list, like Ronaldo. His goals are legendary, and so is his time with United. I have Rooney at number 5 and Ronaldo at number 8. Ronaldo could have gone on to do much better, but he didn’t. Rooney’s record as a red devil makes him a top 5 player.

Yes, Rooney! Whoever Messi and Cr7 haven’t been able to beat will come back to life for Red Devils and help them win every street. A CHEER FOR white people or bicycler or wayne mark rooney go Rooney go and make Manu live again, go.

8: Roy Keane

In the history of Manchester United, Roy Keane is remembered as one of the best footballers of all time and as an exemplary leader. The Irishman was a muscular and tenacious defender, but he was also a technically proficient player who was grossly undervalued.

After Cantona announced his early retirement, there was never any doubt who was going to be named as United’s new captain given his deep desire to give nothing less than 100 percent in every moment of every game. In fact, there was never any doubt who was going to be named as United’s new captain at.

During his twelve-year stint at Old Trafford, which included eight years as captain, he amassed 480 playing opportunities for the club. After that, in 2005, he signed onto Celtic, putting an end to his connection with his previous manager; yet, Fergie continues to consider him to be the best captain he has ever had.

7: Wayne Rooney

Rooney is England’s and Manchester United’s record goalscorer. Over 500 games, he scored 250 goals. Wayne Rooney is an English superstar. He’s England’s greatest scorer. In 2004, he joined Manchester United for £25.6 million and won 16 titles. Rooney and Michael Carrick won the Premier League, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, League Cup, UEFA Europa League, and FIFA Club World Cup.

He scored 253 goals for United, their most ever. His 183 Premier League goals rank second behind Sergio Agüero’s 184 with Manchester City. He has 103 Premier League assists, third-most. Rooney was the 2009–10 PFA and FWA Players’ Player of the Year. He’s also five-time Premier League Player of the Month. Wayne Rooney is seventh on our ranking of Manchester United’s best 10 players.

6: Ryan Giggs

Ryan Joseph Giggs is a Welsh football coach and former player. He is currently the assistant manager at Manchester United and a co-owner of Salford City. Giggs has been able to make a difference in every game he has played since he joined Manchester United as a 14-year-old in 1992. He is in charge of the middle of the field and breaks down defences with his passes and runs. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Giggs has won a total of 13 Premier League titles. This person is a real hero.

Gigs is winning his 12th trophy in the Premier League, all of them with the same team and manager. He is a true, real, No. 1 legend.
You can’t tell when he’s on form or off form, but you still need him. He will play the same football next season.

Giggs is the best, and it doesn’t matter if he is number one on the list or not. His loyalty to ManU is second to none. He is the best example for people who want to change jobs or sports careers. Cristiano Ronaldo stinks, and he’s better at diving than playing football. Morale is very low. Ryan Giggs sticks with United and is a good winger. He can be relied on as much as Ferguson.

5: Eric Cantona

Many good players have lost their edge when they joined United. Some people are just too small to understand the club and its history. Cantona was not like that. He walked in with a swagger, stuck his chest out, raised his head, and looked around as if to say, “I’m Cantona. Do you have enough space for me? ’

Cantona was the kind of player who was made for United. The story of how he came to play at Old Trafford is legendary. It all started when Leeds United asked if Denis Irwin was available, and it ended with the free-spirited forward signing for United for £1.2 million.

Most people thought it was a good deal for Leeds. Cantona was talented, but he was also a troublemaker, and none of his previous clubs had been able to keep him happy for long. People saw a dilettante when they looked at him with his shirt collar turned up. It didn’t make sense.

Cantona was a hard worker who always trained and was often seen doing extra sessions. The young players around him picked up his attitude and grew up thinking it was normal. In the five years Cantona was at the club, they won four league titles and two FA Cups. This gave them the confidence to win many more, and Cantona was the reason why.

4: Paul Scholes

Fergie was so impressed that he forced him out of retirement in an effort to slow City’s ascent to the 2011–12 championship. Paul Scholes is the most reclusive player for Manchester United, and only legendary players like Pep Guardiola, Zinedine Zidane, and Xavi are willing to voice his praises.

He is highly talented, has exceptional game reading and vision, and is a great ball striker. He is referred to as one of Man United’s legendary players for this reason. On FIFA 22, he has one of the greatest ratings among the Man United Legends.

3:  Denis Law

After Denis Law signed with Manchester United in 1962, the club’s rise to glory was officially launched. Denis Law was the club’s first star player. He was a member of Manchester United for a total of 11 years, during which time he played 404 games and scored 237 goals. In terms of the overall tally of goals, he was just a sliver of a point behind Wayne Rooney and Bobby Charlton, two of the most prolific goal-scorers in United’s history.

He was referred to as “The King.” His outstanding performance in 1963–1964, in which he scored 46 goals, still stands as a club record for a single season, and it was this performance that finally led to his being awarded the Ballon d’Or.

2: Bobby Charlton

Charlton was more than just a great player; he was the club’s anchor in the dark days after Munich. Even more than Busby, he was the only constant who kept the club afloat, kept the dream alive, and brought the club back to the top of the sport.

Charlton was at the top of the all-time appearances list (758) and the all-time goals list (249) for a long time. Even though he’s now in second place on both lists, behind Giggs and Rooney, it’s still a testament to how long and successful his United career was.

Charlton, who was born in Northumberland, signed with the club on February 9, 1953, when he was 15 years old. His mother insisted that he start an apprenticeship as an electrical engineer in case football didn’t work out.

Charlton was strong and well-balanced, and he had a piledriver of a right foot, though he was actually two-footed. He was just as comfortable in the middle of the field or up front. He was always sad about losing his friends and teammates, but he honoured them in the best way possible by winning the European Cup.

1: David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham is an English former professional football player who was born on May 2, 1975. He is the president and co-owner of Inter Miami CF and the co-owner of Salford City. He played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain, and the England national team.

Really, it’s insanely underrated. The fact that he was well-known outside of football and cared a lot about how he looked made it hard to see how good he really was. The first Ronaldo said that he was so good that he could have played for Brazil. A real golden talent. Real Madrid, the best team in the world, bought him, and he was a big part of their early success. I’ll never forget how good his stats were in Football Manager 2006, especially in the Mental attributes, which meant he was a very smart footballer. If you look at some of the passes he makes for Madrid, you’ll see why this is true.

Ronaldo sold out, and Beckham did too. This was a case of the manager putting himself before the club. Beckham would have been happy to play for United until he retired if it weren’t for Fergie’s temper.Becks is by far the best player that Manchester United has ever had. Just think about his long shots, passes, crosses, and free kicks.


These are just a few of the top Manchester United players of all time, but there have been many others who have made significant contributions to the club over the years. Whether it’s their technical skills, their winning mentality, or their passion for the game, these players have left a lasting legacy at Manchester United and in the world of football.

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