Mohammedan Sporting’s Pursuit of I-League Glory: A Story of Resurgence

Mohammedan Sporting's Pursuit of I-League Glory: A Story of Resurgence

Mohammedan Sporting Club, a storied institution in Indian football, finds itself on the cusp of a historic achievement as they vie for their first-ever I-League title in the 2023-24 season. Club insiders reveal that Mohammedan Sporting needs just seven points from their remaining 12 games to clinch the coveted trophy, marking a potential turning point in their illustrious history.

Under the guidance of Russian coach Andrey Chernyshov, Mohammedan Sporting has implemented a strategic overhaul that emphasizes young talent and tactical prowess.

Building a Strong Squad

The club’s recruitment strategy has centered around nurturing young players, such as David Lalhlansanga and Beneston Barretto, who have emerged as key contributors to the team’s success.

Impactful Signings

Notable additions like Honduran striker Eddie Hernandez have bolstered Mohammedan Sporting’s attacking prowess, with Hernandez currently ranking among the top scorers in the league.

The team’s impressive record of 14 wins, five draws, and one loss underscores their consistency and determination to clinch the championship.

Chernyshov’s Influence

Coach Andrey Chernyshov’s return to Mohammedan Sporting has revitalized the team, with his tactical acumen and experience proving instrumental in their resurgence.

Pathway to ISL

Should Mohammedan Sporting secure promotion to the Indian Super League (ISL) next season, it would mark a significant milestone for the club and further elevate the stature of Kolkata football. Founded over a century ago, Mohammedan Sporting’s potential triumph would add another chapter to their rich legacy and contribute to the proud footballing tradition of Kolkata.


As Mohammedan Sporting continues their quest for I-League glory, they carry the hopes and aspirations of fans eager to witness the resurgence of one of Indian football’s most iconic clubs.

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1. How close is Mohammedan Sporting to winning the I-League title?

Mohammedan Sporting needs just seven points from their remaining 12 games to secure their first-ever I-League championship.

2. What factors have contributed to Mohammedan Sporting’s success this season?

Strategic moves, including the recruitment of young talent and the return of coach Andrey Chernyshov, have played pivotal roles in the club’s resurgence.

3. What impact would winning the I-League have on Mohammedan Sporting?

Winning the I-League would not only mark a historic achievement for the club but also potentially pave the way for their participation in the Indian Super League (ISL) next season, enhancing their stature in Indian football.

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