World cup 2026 qualifiers, AFC Asia Second Stange Round 3 List, today matches Results

World cup 2026 qualifiers, Round 2 List, today matches Results

The World Cup dream burns bright across Asia as the continent’s teams battle it out in Round 2 of the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers. With the group stage nearing its end, analyze the current standings to see who’s leading the pack, and even offer a sneak peek at the upcoming fixtures. Buckle up, football fans, as we delve into the Asian Qualifiers and witness the stories of these teams unfold on their quest for World Cup glory!

Here are the results of the matches that took place on March 21st:

AFC Today Matches and Results

FIFA World Cup Qualifying – AFC

Chinese Taipei  Kyrgyz Republic0 – 2
Pakistan  Jordan0 – 3  
Australia  Lebanon2 – 0  
Japan North Korea 1 – 0  
South Korea   Thailand1 – 1
Myanmar  Syria1 – 1
Hong Kong  Uzbekistan0 – 2
Singapore  China 2 – 2
Indonesia  1Vietnam1 – 0  
Iran Turkmenistan 5 – 0  
Oman  Malaysia2 – 0  
United Arab Emirates  Yemen2 – 1  
Palestine  Bangladesh5 – 0
Qatar   Kuwait 3 – 0  
Afghanistan   India0 – 0  
Iraq  Philippines1 – 0  
Nepal   Bahrain0 – 5  
Saudi Arabia  Tajikistan
FIFA World Cup Qualifying – AFC Results


While the results from March 21st provide a snapshot of the current standings (be sure to mention the website where these standings can be found), the race for qualification is far from over. With upcoming fixtures on the horizon, the pressure is on for teams to secure their place in the next round and keep their World Cup dreams alive. Buckle up, football fans, because the Asian Qualifiers are guaranteed to deliver more nail-biting matches and heart-stopping moments as the road to the 2026 World Cup unfolds.

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1. What’s the current state of the competition?

The group stage of Round 2 is nearing its conclusion. The matches played on March 21st, 2024, have determined some key points in the standings. However, the battle for qualification is far from over. Upcoming fixtures will be crucial in deciding which teams progress to the next stage.

2. Where can I find the latest standings and results?

Reliable sports websites and apps like Scorebar, SofaScore, and Flashscore also provide updated standings and results.

3. What’s next for Round 2?

With the March 21st matches concluded, the next set of fixtures for Round 2 is scheduled for March 26th, 2024. These upcoming matches will be crucial for teams vying for a top-two spot in their groups, which guarantees them a place in the next round of the qualifiers. Stay tuned for exciting matchups and the continued pursuit of the World Cup dream!

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