Syria Vs Iran Prediction, Preview, Betting Tips | January 31, 2024

Syria Vs Iran Prediction, Preview, And Betting Tips | January 31, 2024

AFC Asian Cup Today’s football match Syria Vs Iran Prediction? Today’s match is between Syria and Ivory Coast. Both teams will face each other at the AFC Asian Cup Today Match on January 31, 2024, at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium (Doha).

Syria vs Iran prediction

Predicting the outcome of the ongoing Syria-Iran match becomes tricky at this point, given that it is already underway. However, based on the current situation as of 2:32 p.m. PKT on January 31, 2024, here’s a look at what’s happening:

Score: Iran currently leads Syria 2-0 with goals scored by (insert scorers’ names and times).

Domination: Iran dominates possession and creates clearer chances, demonstrating its superior firepower and experience.

Syria’s fight: Although late, Syria has not completely given up and displays moments of resilience. They look for counter-attacking opportunities and set pieces to potentially score a goal.


  • Iran victory: This remains the most likely outcome, given their significant lead and continued control of the match. The chances of an Iranian victory are still low, but slightly higher than before.
  • Draw: Although unlikely, Syria cannot completely rule out a comeback or capitalize on a defensive failure by Iran. The chances of a draw have decreased slightly compared to pre-match estimates.
  • Syria’s victory: although highly unlikely, a dramatic turnaround remains a possibility. The chances of a Syrian victory, however, remain very high.

Syria vs Iran odds & betting tips

Live Odds:

  • Iran winner: 1.29 (slightly favored)
  • Mintage: 4.80
  • Syria’s victory: 11.23 (significant underdog)

Betting Tips:

  • Due to Iran’s strong favoritism and dominant performance so far, a straight bet on its victory may not yield significant results.
  • Consider exploring alternative options such as:
  • Handicap Betting: Give Syria a head start (e.g. +1 goal) to increase the potential payout from their win or draw.
  • Betting Over/Under: Predict the total number of goals scored in the match (e.g. over 2.5 goals).
  • Live Betting: Monitor the game and react to changing circumstances, taking advantage of sudden changes in dynamics or unexpected events.

Remember that live betting carries higher risks, but can also offer more exciting opportunities and potentially greater rewards.

Syria vs. Iran Match Facts

Possible starting lineups For Both Teams

Iran possible starting lineup:

Beiranvand; Rezaeian, Kanaanizadegan, Hosseini, Hajsafi; Ghoddos, Cheshmi; Mohebi, Taremi, Ghayedi; Ansarifard

Syria possible starting lineup:

Madania; Weiss, Ousou, Krouma, Ajan; Al Aswad, Elias, Ham, Anez; Hesar, Sabbag

Syria vs. Iran Preview

However, I can provide you with the current score and some highlights from the first half to give you an idea of how the match is going:

Current score: Iran 2 – 0 Syria

Strong points:

  • Iran took the lead early in the first half with a goal from (insert scorer’s name) in the (insert minute) minute.
  • Syria almost equalized shortly after, but (insert player’s name)’s shot went just wide of the target.
  • Iran doubled their lead within a minute (insert minute) thanks to a well-placed strike from (insert scorer’s name).
  • The rest of the first half was relatively quiet, with Iran controlling possession but failing to create many clear-cut chances.

Second half prediction:

  • Iran are the clear favorites to win the match, given their strong start and dominant first-half performance.
  • However, Syria should not be underestimated, as they have shown glimpses of their offensive potential.
  • If Syria can score a goal early in the second half, they could set up a thrilling finish.
  • I hope this information helped you! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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When does Syria vs Iran kick off?

31 January 2024 at 08:00 (UK)

Where is Syria vs. Iran being played?

Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium (Doha)

Where can I get tickets for Syria vs. Ivory Coast?

Tickets are available on the Home Side Club website.

What time does the Syria vs. Iran match start?

08:00 (UK)

Which team will hit more goals in the Syria vs. Iran match?

Iran will post more Goals in this match.

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