Reale Arena Stadium Capacity, Tickets, Seating Plan, Records, Location, Parking

Reale Arena Stadium Capacity, Tickets, Seating Plan, Records, Location

The Anoeta Stadium, currently known as Reale Arena for sponsorship reasons, is a football stadium in San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain, which was inaugurated in 1993.

The stadium is in the Complejo Deportivo de Anoeta. It is mostly used for home football games for the La Liga team Real Sociedad.

The stadium’s total seating capacity, originally 32,000, was restricted to around 26,800 due to refurbishment works; its capacity for the end of September 2019 has been quoted at 39,313 seats (with the possibility of expanding to 42,300 if necessary), which makes it the 11th largest stadium in Spain and the 2nd largest in the Basque Country.

Built In:1991
Home Teams:Real Sociedad
Ground Size:105 meters x 68 meters

Reale Arena Stadium History

Reale Arena, also known as Estadio Anoeta, was built to replace Real Sociedad’s former Estadio de Atotxa, which had become too small and lacked expansion potential. In stark contrast to their previous home, the new stadium was bowl-shaped, large, and featured an athletics track that circled the pitch.

The European Youth Athletics Championships were held at Estadio Anoeta on July 29, 1993. The inaugural match at the stadium was a friendly between Sociedad and Real Madrid a few weeks later. The stadium has a capacity of 32,000 people.

Real Sociedad, on the other hand, was never very satisfied at Estadio Anoeta due to the enormous distance between supporters and the pitch and the resulting lack of atmosphere. In the mid-2000s, the club submitted plans to remove the athletic tracks and reconstruct the stadium, dubbed Gipuzkoarena, but this never materialized.

Real Sociedad presented plans for a redevelopment of Anoeta in early 2014, which included the removal of the athletics tracks, the extension of the lower tier closer to the pitch, north and south stands, expanded hospitality areas, and an enlarged roof, resulting in a capacity increase of 40,000 seats.

These plans were confirmed in 2016, with construction beginning in March 2017. The work was done gradually and took over 2.5 years to complete, with the new stadium reopening in September 2019.

Following a naming rights agreement with insurer Reale Seguros, the stadium was renamed Reale Arena earlier that year.

Stadium Capacity

Reale Arena Stadium has a seating capacity of 39,313.

Reale Arena Stadium Seating Plan

Reale Arena Seating Plan:

Reale Arena Stadium Seating Plan
Reale Arena Stadium Capacity, Tickets, Seating Plan, Records, Location, Parking 3

Real Sociedad Tickets

Tickets for Real Sociedad games can be bought online, or at the ticket windows of the Reale Arena. Tickets usually go on sale in the week before the match.

Tickets are also available on the gate on the day of the match. Real Sociedad only very occasionally sell out a high-profile match.

Ticket prices depend on the opponent, but a ticket for a seat behind the goal typically costs either €25.00 or €30.00, and a ticket for the sides either €40.00 or €50.00. This is increased to between €30.00 and €70.00 for high-profile matches.

Upcoming Events

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To the north of the stadium there is parking on the street with which you can try your luck, but to be honest, there are no heaps of places where you can leave the car.


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