Liverpool 2023-24 Players, Squad, World Rankings, Nickname, History, and more

Liverpool 2022-23 Players, Squad, World Rankings, Nickname, History, and more

Liverpool is a football club based in Liverpool, North West England. Founded in 1892, it joined the Football League the following year and has since played at Anfield Road. Their uniform, which originally adopted red shirts and white shorts, has been red since 1965. The club’s motto is “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, which translates to “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

It is one of the most successful teams in England and Europe, having already won 1 FIFA Club World Cup, 6 Champions League, 3 UEFA Cup, 4 UEFA Super Cup, 19 English Championships, and 8 FA Cups. , 9 League Cups and 15 England Super Cups. The most glorious period in their history was between the 1970s and 1980s when Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley led Liverpool to eleven domestic titles and seven European trophies. With 14 international titles, it is the 7th largest in the world.

On European soil, there is no team in English or British football that shined more than the Reds, the latter being the biggest winner of their country in the two main UEFA competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League, with six and three titles respectively in each competition mentioned above. It was the first English team to win the UCL three times, achieved in 1981, having played in nine Champions League finals, with six trophies won, in 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005, and 2019.

The club’s fans were involved in two major tragedies: on May 29, 1985, in Brussels, Belgium, the Heysel tragedy took place, when 39 people were killed due to accidents caused by English hooligans at the Heysel stadium and on April 15, 1989. , at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, when Liverpool and Nottingham Forest were playing, 97 people died due to overcrowding caused by negligence by Sheffield Police, in what became known as the Hillsborough Disaster.

His biggest rivals in the sport are Manchester United, Everton, with whom he plays the Liverpool derby, called the Merseyside Derby, and Chelsea. He was one of the founders of the extinct G-14, a group of the main clubs in European football, and one of the new members of the European Club Association.

In this article, you will get to know about Liverpool’s 2023-24 Players, Squad, Coaches, World Rankings, nicknames, History, and more.

Team Profile Summary

Liverpool Logo
TeamLiverpool Football Club
Nickname(s)The Reds
Home StadiumAnfield
Stadium Capacity53,394
LocationLiverpool (Anfield)
League2023–24 Premier League
Manager Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool History

John Houlding bought Anfield in 1892 and proposed increasing the rent of the stadium to Everton by between £100,000 and £250,000 a year. But Everton, who had been playing at Anfield for seven years, refused to pay the Anfield rent increase Houlding wanted, so Everton moved to a new stadium, Goodison Park.

Disgusted with the attitude of Everton’s managers, John Houlding founded Liverpool Football Club on March 15, 1892, to play at Anfield which was vacant. The club’s original name was to be Everton Football Club, Athletic Grounds, Ltd or Everton Athletic. Still, it was changed to Liverpool Football Club when the FA refused to recognize the team as Everton. A six-time Champions League winner, it is the most successful English club in the competition’s history, winning its first title at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome in the 1976-77 season against Borussia Mönchengladbach of Germany by the score of 3-1. The following year, he won the championship for the second time by beating Belgium’s Brugge 1-0 at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London.

After two consecutive titles for Nottingham Forest in the 1978-79 and 1979-80 seasons, confirming the English dominance in European competition, Liverpool reached the final again in the 1980-81 season, beating Real Madrid by the score of 1-0, in the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris.

Before that, however, following the tradition of European clubs, which at the time, did not value the dispute for the Intercontinental title, Liverpool gave up playing in the final of the Intercontinental Club Cup with Boca Juniors in 1978. In 1981, Liverpool played in the final of the Intercontinental Cup with Flamengo, with the final result of 3-0 for the Brazilian team. The Reds won their fourth European title in the 1983-84 season against AS Roma. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, with the Reds winning, on penalties, 4-2 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. They faced South American champions Independiente of Argentina in the 1984 Intercontinental Cup final but were again defeated, with the score 1-0 to the Argentines.

2004-05 Season

The club won the continent’s most coveted trophy again only in the 2004-05 season, in a legendary final against Milan in the match that became known worldwide as The Miracle of Istanbul, and what many consider the best Champions League match of all time. times.

In this game, the Reds managed to take the game to the penalty shootout after ending the first half losing 3-0, with a great performance by captain Steven Gerrard, named UEFA’s best player in the same year. On penalties prevailed the star of Polish goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek, who saved two kicks, leaving the score at 3-2 and giving Liverpool their fifth Champions League trophy at the Athens Olympics. The year 2005 was just not perfect for Liverpool because they lost the FIFA Club World Cup to São Paulo, by the score of 1-0. Although Liverpool exerted pressure throughout the match, they could not avoid the Brazilian club’s third world championship.

In the season that followed their fifth Champions League triumph, Liverpool was crowned champions of the FA Cup and runners-up in the Premier League. In the Champions League, he went far from defending the title and fell disastrously against Benfica in the Round of 16 with two defeats.

Season 2007

In 2007, he was close to his sixth Champions League title, but this time he lost the final precisely to Milan, from whom he had snatched the title two years ago. In 2007-08 they were again runners-up in the Premier League losing the title to Manchester United. In addition, he also reached the semifinals of the Champions League, being eliminated by Chelsea who had Liverpool “choked” after being eliminated by the “Reds” in the semifinals of the Champions League in 2005 and 2007.

Season 2008-09

In 2008-09 he fell once again to Chelsea in the Champions League in the quarter-finals in a historic duel with an aggregate score of 5×4 in favour of the Blues. In addition, they became runners-up in the Premier League with four points less than champions Manchester United.

In the following seasons, Liverpool experienced a crisis, going four consecutive seasons without playing in the Champions League. However, in the 11-12 season, he broke his six-year stint without winning a title, winning his 8th Premier League Cup title, defeating Cardiff in the final. In the 2013-14 season, Liverpool almost won the Premier League and ended the 24-year fast (at the time). Liverpool, which had Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho, and Suarez, fought intensely with their rivals Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea, reaching the leadership of the Premier League by beating City 3-2 in a fantastic game. In this way, Liverpool only needed to lift the title after 24 years, but in a game against Chelsea, José Mourinho put his team completely back (creating on this day the term “stop the bus” *stop the bus, in allusion to the formation of players inside the defence area) causing one of the biggest names in the club’s history, Steven Gerrard, to slip and let Demba Ba score a goal. Chelsea won that game 2-0, and later City would become champions. The following season Liverpool had very short participation in the Champions League and was eliminated in the group stage.

Season 2015-16

In 2015-16, under the command of Jürgen Klopp, he reached the final of the UEFA Europa League after eliminating Borussia Dortmund in a historic game in the quarter-finals, having won 4-3 in a comeback after leaving behind with a score of 3. -1 in favour of the Dortmund team at Anfield Stadium, but lost the title in a disappointing final against Sevilla that ended with the score of 3-1. That same season he lost the Premier League Cup final to Manchester City in a penalty shootout.

2017-18 season

In the 2017-18 season the club managed to get a spot for the Champions League play-offs to finish 4th in the Premier League, already at that stage they defeated Hoffenheim 6-3 on aggregate, consolidating their spot in the group stage that contained Sevilla, Spartak Moscow and Maribor, the latter two respectively thrashed by 7-0, ended up ranking first in this key, the club already had the end of the group stage with the loss of midfielder Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona, ​​in the round of 16 surprised Porto by 5-0 thrashing Porto in the Estádio do Dragão with 3 goals from Senegalese Sadio Mané, guaranteeing the spot with a 0-0 draw at its facilities, while in the quarterfinals there was an English classic with Manchester City, in first game a great performance by Liverpool applying 3-0 at Anfield Road and in the other game guaranteeing the classification with a 2-1 comeback win at Etihad Stadium, in the semifinals clash with Roma and the reunion of Mohamed Salah with his former club, play it Egyptian pain ended up scoring two goals in a 5-2 home win, on the Italians’ 4-2 victory back but not enough to qualify. On May 26, the grand final against Real Madrid at the Kyiv Olympics and a failed defeat of German goalkeeper Loris Karius in the goals of Benzema and Gareth Bale culminated in the runner-up of the English club and the 13th Champions League title for the Spaniards.

2018-19 season

In the 2018-19 season, Liverpool, after a difficult group stage where they faced PSG, Napoli, and Red Star qualifying with 9 points, made a great campaign in the knockout stage with the right to a historic comeback over Barcelona (after losing in the game first leg of the semi-final 3-0 at Camp Nou, managed to reverse the score at Anfield with a 4-0 rout), which guaranteed a return to the Champions League finals.

By 2-0, with goals from Salah and Origi, they won the sixth cup over Spurs. In the Premier League, he was runner-up, after a fierce dispute with Manchester City, he added 97 points against 98 of the rival. In December 2019, he participated in the FIFA Club World Cup and became champion defeating Flamengo 1-0 in extra time.

2019-20 season

The 2019-20 season was marked by the victory of the Premier League that ended a long fast. Liverpool has not been English champions since 1990 and then lifted the national trophy again after 30 years of a long wait. Liverpool’s campaign was also historic. Throughout the 1st round, the Reds remained unbeaten with a record that had never been seen before 18 wins and 1 draw. The club remained unbeaten until the 27th round when they suffered an unexpected 3-0 against relegated Watford.

As the end of the championship approached, the fans were doing the math for the title. With a big advantage over the 2nd placed, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, it was certain that the title would happen in advance. Interestingly, the title was confirmed without the need for the club to enter the field, since, with the defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, City was no longer able to reach the Reds’ score, even with 5 games remaining at the end of the championship. Liverpool ended the 2019-20 Premier League with 99 points and the following campaign: 32 wins, 3 draws, and 3 defeats.

The Miracle of Istanbul

Liverpool has won the UEFA Cup three times, being the English club with the most cups in the competition, the first in the 1972-73 season against Borussia Mönchengladbach, of Germany, and in the 1975-76 season against Brugge, of Belgium, both in round-trip departures. In the new format of the competition, they beat the Spanish Deportivo Alavés in a historic final with an incredible score of 5-4, with a golden goal.

The team completed an unprecedented trio of two domestic cups, the League Cup and FA Cup, and the UEFA Cup in the 2000–01 season. However, winning a threesome was nothing new, as in the 1983-84 season they were victorious in the Champions League, Premier League, and League Cup. This was the first trio of major titles to be achieved by an English club.

The club was also present in the two biggest tragedies in European football: at Heysel in 1985, which excluded all English clubs from European competition for five years, and Liverpool for six years, and at Hillsborough in 1989, where 96 Liverpool fans died. during a match between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool.

In 2005, Liverpool, which featured Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, and Jamie Carragher, won the UEFA Champions League for the fifth time in its history. The 2004-05 UEFA Champions League final was played in Istanbul against Milan. It is still considered the most exciting in the entire history of the competition, as Liverpool started out losing 3-0, but had an incredible reaction in the final minutes, tying the game and winning the title in the penalty shootout.

In December of the same year, he participated in the FIFA Club World Cup and became runner-up, losing the title to São Paulo by 1-0.

Liverpool Home Stadium

Its stadium, Anfield Road, was built in 1885 and partially renovated in 2016 (renovation carried out on the Main Stand where 8300 more seats were added and at the Anfield Road Stand where 4300 seats were added), this is out of respect for the club’s fans, some of them had their ashes thrown on the stadium lawn, and also for the glories conquered there, it has a capacity for around 59,000 spectators and is five kilometres from the city centre.

The stadium is rated 5 stars by UEFA (Union of European Football) or (the Union of European Football Federations)

Liverpool 2023-24 Kit

Featuring a clean red and white design, the Liverpool 2023-24 home jersey is released and is now available for purchase. It is Nike’s first major release for the upcoming season.

Liverpool FC is proud to present the new LFC Nike 23/24 Home Match Men’s Jersey for the 2023/24 season

Liverpool Ownership and finances

Liverpool has been described as a global brand; a 2010 report valued the club’s trademarks and associated intellectual property at £141m, an increase of £5m from the previous year. Liverpool received a brand rating of AA (Very Strong).

In April 2010, Forbes Business magazine ranked Liverpool as the sixth most valuable soccer team in the world, behind Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich; they valued the club at $822 million (£532 million), excluding debt. Deloitte accountants ranked Liverpool eighth in Deloitte’s Football Money League, which ranks the world’s football clubs in revenue.

Liverpool’s income in the 2009-10 season was €225.3 million.

According to a 2018 report by Deloitte, the club had an annual revenue of €424.2 million the previous year and Forbes valued the club at $1.944 million. In 2018, annual revenues rose to €513.7 million and Forbes valued the club at $2,183 million. In 2019, revenue rose to €604m (£533m) according to Deloitte, with the club passing the £500m mark.

In April 2020, the club’s owners came under fire from fans and the media for deciding to furlough all non-playing staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this, the club made a U-turn on the decision and apologized for its initial decision. In April 2021, Forbes valued the club at $4.1 billion, an increase of 88% in two years, making it the fifth most valuable football club in the world.

Who are Liverpool 2023-24 players?

Have a look.

Alisson BeckerGoalkeeper
Caoimhín KelleherGoalkeeper
Joe GomezDefender
Virgil van DijkDefender
Ibrahima KonatéDefender
Kostas TsimikasDefender
Andy RobertsonDefender
Joël MatipDefender
Stefan BajceticMidfielder
Trent Alexander-ArnoldDefender
Thiago AlcântaraMidfielder
Curtis JonesMidfielder
Harvey ElliottMidfielder
Bobby ClarkMidfielder
Mohamed SalahForward
Cody GakpoForward
Diogo JotaForward
Luis DíazForward
Darwin NúñezForward
Ben DoakForward
Luke ChambersDefender
Alexis Mac AllisterMidfielder
Dominik SzoboszlaiMidfielder
Fabian MrozekGoalkeeper
Marcelo PitalugaGoalkeeper
Wataru EndoMidfielder
Jarell QuansahDefender
Ryan GravenberchMidfielder
Conor BradleyDefender
Vítezslav JarosGoalkeeper
Kaide GordonForward

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Update: 26 September 2023

Virgil van Dijk (Captain)

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Vice-captain)

Who are the Liverpool 2023-24 captain and coach?

Jordan Henderson is the captain of the team and Jürgen Klopp is the coach/manager of Liverpool.

Liverpool 2023-24 captain

Have a look at the profile summary of Liverpool’s current captain.

Profile summary

  • Name: Virgil van Dijk
  • Date of birth/Age: July 8, 1991 (32)
  • Place of birth: Breda
  • Citizenship: Netherlands
  • Height: 6′ 5″
  • Position: Defender
  • National player: Netherlands
  • Caps/Goals: 60 / 6

Liverpool Coach

Have a look at the profile summary of the team’s current coach.

Profile summary

  • Name: Jürgen Klopp
  • Date of birth/Age: Jun 16, 1967 (56)
  • Place of birth:  Stuttgart
  • Citizenship:  Germany
  • Coaching Licence: UEFA Pro Licence
  • Avg. the term as coach: 5.51 Years
  • Preferred formation: 4-3-3 Attacking

Liverpool world rankings

FC Liverpool is 4 number in the world ranking.

Liverpool trophies

Liverpool’s first trophy was the Lancashire League, which they won in the club’s first season. In 1901, the club won its first League title, while their nineteenth and most recent came in 2020. Their first FA Cup success came in 1965. In terms of the number of trophies won, Liverpool’s most successful decade was that of 1980, when the club won six League titles, two FA Cups, four League Cups, one Football League Super Cup, and five Charity Shields (one shared) and two European Cups.

The club has amassed more wins and points in the top flight than any other English team. Liverpool also has the highest average finishing position in the league (3.3) over the 50-year period to 2015 and the second-highest average finishing position in the league over the period 1900-1999 after Arsenal, with an average position in the league of 8.7.

Liverpool is the most successful British club in international football with fourteen trophies, having won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League, UEFA’s premier club competition, six times, an English record, and second only to Real Madrid and AC Milan.

Liverpool’s fifth European Cup win in 2005 meant the club was awarded the trophy permanently and was given multiple winners’ badges. Liverpool also holds the English record of three wins in the UEFA Cup, UEFA’s secondary club competition. Liverpool also holds the English record of four UEFA Super Cup wins.

In 2019, the club won the FIFA Club World Cup for the first time and also became the first English club to win the international treble of the Club World Cup, Champions League, and UEFA Super Cup.

Reported Liverpool Player Salaries – 2023/24 Premier League Season

PlayerAgeYearly SalaryWeekly Salary
Mohamed Salah31£18,200,000£350,000
Virgil Van Dijk32£11,440,000£220,000
Thiago Alcántara32£10,400,000£200,000
Trent Alexander-Arnold24£9,360,000£180,000
Alisson Becker30£7,800,800£150,000
Ryan Gravenberch21£7,800,800£150,000
Alexis Mac Allister24£7,800,800£150,000
Diogo Jota26£7,280,000£140,000
Darwin Núñez24£7,280,000£140,000
Cody Gakpo24£6,240,000£120,000
Dominik Szoboszlai22£6,240,000£120,000
Joel Matip32£5,200,000£100,000
Andrew Robertson29£5,200,000£100,000
Joe Gomez26£4,420,000£85,000
Ibrahima KonateN/A£3,640,000£70,000
Luis Díaz26£2,912,000£56,000
Wataru Endo30£2,600,000£50,000
Konstantinos Tsimikas27£2,600,000£50,000
Stefan Bajcetic18£2,080,000£40,000
Harvey Elliott20£2,080,000£40,000
Curtis Jones22£780,000£15,000
Caoimhin Kelleher24£520,000£10,000


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